UV Shad Jig Head - Blue 6oz

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Made famous in combo with the Hot Chili swimbait (aka the Apollo creed combo) this 6oz jig head is perfect for a range of rockfish and lingcod applications.


The Pitbull Tackle UV Shad Jig Heads are the perfect option for fishermen using soft plastic swimbaits or grubs. Designed by highly experienced California coastal anglers, these UV Jig Heads possess a semi-triangular head design that enable them to swim true and make their way through various types of obstructions with ease. Adding a hint of realism that really distinguishes their product from others, Pitbull Tackle elected to utilize recessed oversized eyes that fit within the design of the jig head and are far more durable than the simple sticker variety. The triangle head is designed to perfectly line up with a swimbait resulting in perfect rigging and presentation every time. Perhaps the most notable feature is the UV-enhanced paint that appeals to fish's natural ability to see a greater range of color than the human eye. Whether it's deep rocks or canopy style kelp beds, with a lack of light below the surface, UV-enhanced paint gives life to your lures unlike any other traditional paint finish. To give the angler even more confidence in these heads, each jighead is constructed around a super sharp 2X hook.

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