Deadliest Kast Halibut Trolling Leader Super Flash

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Based on feedback and more time on the water the Capt Stelo's Halibut trolling leader is BACK now with more UV re-active bills, added flash tinsel on the hoochie and and overall Flashier look (think the 80's but underwater) and improved hardware on the bottom end for easier use.

Materials: A 3-hook setup these have a 5" dodger up front to catch the fish's attention then a custom made billed hoochie for better diving action with a 6/0 octopus Maruto JDM or Gamakatsu hooks and then a adjustable trap rig on the bottom for bait. Anglers have shown about equal hookups on the hoochie vs the bait.

Use: Troll at 1.5-2.5 knots with a weight on hung off the three-way swivel at the front (Stelo recommends a 12-16oz weight on a 6 inch line)

Available for preorder these will be shipped out in batches as each is handmade and tied by Steve himself. Production kicks off 5/2 and will ship in batches every few days.

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